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Fairly produced- fairly traded


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Gemstones, gold, silver and jewellery in high artistic and crafty qualities are distributed by >>Fair Trade in Gems and Jewelry<<, a group of mining engineers, geologists, gemstone experts and goldsmiths who want to establish the fair trade of precious metals and gemstones.


We are paying the precious metals and precious stones miners ca. 110% of the resp. world market prices for their goods, this premium being a compliment for their hard but also as much as possible environmentally friendly work. It is way more than the price they could achieve under normal market conditions.


You can get a lot of information about various aspects of this topic on this website; on the >>Sales<< page you can order gemstones, precious metals and jewellery. If you want to know if there is already a goldsmith in your area that distributes/produces our fair traded and environmentally clean products then send your request to the e-mail below:




We will also produce jewellery according to your very own design ideas, please feel free to ask.





This initiative turns itself against the unholy connection between gemstone mining and political and military corruption in African countries that are disturbed by civil war. They are also encouraging the ecologically and socially responsible mining of precious metals.


The stones are directly bought from mining cooperatives in the African countries of Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Madagascan and Tanzania. Then they are processed by certificated polishing cooperatives in India. Gold and silver from ecological responsible small scale mines are produceded by mining cooperatives in Argentina and Bolivia.


For our diamonds we have developed the brand sign >>5C<<. Apart from the traditional >>4C<<: colour, cut, carat and clarity for diamonds the >>5C<< stands for >>conflict free, child labour free and corruption free diamonds<<. Our precious metals are distributed under the brand name >>fair& green<<.

The strict ecological and social conditions on all stages of the mining, processing and distribution of gemstones and precious metals are supervised by extensive monitoring of >>Fairtrade<<.





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Washing gold in the Puna Highlands, Altiplano, Argentina

EcoAndina, Jujuy, Argentina

Epupa Falls, Kunene River, Namibia / Angola

Foto: Hans Hillewaert
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